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Zachary Fessler has acquired his Associates Degree in Recording Arts, Pro Tools Certification, and my Bachelors of Science in Marketing at California State University of Northridge. He currently specializes in music production, sound design, mixing, and editing.

“I have experienced first-hand working in sound not only as an intern for several years, but also for my business, Zee Management. In both roles, I was able to set up recording studios to best cater to the performing talents’ needs, but also mixed and edited every performance to best replicate the desired finished product. Working for myself now, I compose musical jingles, produce voice overs for radio, as well as trim hour long seminars, while still maintaining both a 30 minute time slot allotted for airing, and, the original message of each speech.”

Zak currently works as an Engineer and Editor for Treefort Media, editing podcasts for the biggest names in the game. He has also created the score and in game sound effects for the game DoomBreaker!

He believes that both his educational background and hands on years of experience in the field, puts him in an elite position. He looks forward to discussing how his skills can be of value to your business. Thank you for your time, consideration, and forthcoming response.

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